Review: After work, is what determines your future! Spend one hour per day doing these 5 things and your life will change forever!

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I really enjoyed reading this. Its straightforward. It’s like telling us to do the ‘you should do’ for success. 

Lets start with the title:

“After work, is what determines your future! Spend one hour per day doing these 5 things and your life will change forever!”

After work = clearly enough to tell you that you should do the most out of your time. not only in work hours, but also in ‘rest time’ for some people.

determines your future! =  determines, this words is straightforward, it’s obviously mean like “believe, if you don’t do this, you will failed”.

one hour per day =  you don’t have to spend all your time, but just one hour. means like super few time. few time!

your life will change forever! =  it’s serious word. change, and forever. wow!

I, personally, really like with this title. you get the point by just read this. Superb 

Lets start to the point.

  1. What you do every night is important.

Kalyana start this point by telling us his personal story. His point is don’t waste your valuable time. Do whatever you like, or you interested in. With this, you will not be boring with that.

Like some of my friends. They have like hundreds comics in the room, and reading all that comics like every night. I’m not saying that bad, but i was thinking, imagine if I have that ‘reading comics passion’ and implementing that in learning language for example. I could be an expert just in 3 month i think.

Just like when my friend show me ‘Quantico Series’ I finish that movie in 2 days. DAMN!


Be balance with your dunya

I felt gulty now. Working like everyday with no clear ‘work time’. Focus, output based, and try to keep hustle.

But when the night comes, and I’m not reading quran yet based on  my ramadhan target. I’m made an excuse. Feel tired, and take a rest. Not hustle enough to achieve ramadhan target. 

We’re not fair.

Get shit done!

Doing the same think everyday in work is not as bad as you heard and see in motivational article.
Your job is not just ‘doing’ that, but learning!
You can see the result in two think, fisrt you become expert on that, and second is you can do faster that other when doing that. (Whats different btw, ah just thought) lol

My point is ‘JUST GET SHIT DONE’ There’s no GONNA! JUST DO!

Writing, make you think structured

I think it’s one of my weakness to thinking structured.

After make a self-evaluation, I ended up with that. Because i’m not really good at reading, and also writing for sure.

I realise that when i’m in conversation with some overseas friends. Speaking with the language that i’m not good enough to make a fast conversation.

I’m thinking first, and then talking. And if you don’t know some word in english to say, i’m thinking harder to find the substitute word. And that’s painful.

But I remember a video in tedEx about acquiring new skill. He said,

“the barrier to acquire new skill, is not intellectual. It’s emotional. We scare to look fool”

But people born to do something right?

Its hard to finally know what you’re going to do (achieve) something. But people born to do something right?

In lots of movie, we saw several scene that people feels like they born to make a different thing in the world. Feed the poor, give people health, make a non profit to do some social think. or make an impact like books said.

But, do we have enough skill to achieve that?

Do we have a bravery to deal with bad condition?

or, do we ready to facing the failure?

We never know if we never try,

People scare trying new thing, I’m scare. Obviously.

So, what’s going on with “we were born to do something”

We know when we failed/succeed when trying it!


Jam 1.30

De, sekarang jam 1.30 malam disini. Ayah belum bisa tidur ni, tiba-tiba inget kamu gara2 dikirimin foto terus sama Ibu. Hha


Sebenernya ayah mau bikin podcast ceritain Ibu waktu lahirin kamu, tapi nanti aja lah dirumah ya. Kurang nyaman kalo kedengeran sama yang lain.

Btw Kalo lagi males2an biar rajin ayah kadang inget2 ibu kamu waktu lahiran. Lucu de, ayah sama ibu aja kalo bahas lahiran kamu ketawa ni. Hha nanti ayah coba buat tulisan ya.

Kamu kalo udah gede yang nurut loh sama ibu, kalo sama ayah santai de, ayah cuma akan ngajarin kamu yang mana yang bener dan yang mana yang salah. Kamu mau ngapain aja asal bener ya santai. Hha

Zaman ayah sekarang ini pasti beda banget sama nanti kamu gede, ayah ga bisa maksa kamu untuk lakuin sesuatu. Tapi kalo kamu udah punya dasar agama yang bener, tau mana yang boleh mana yang ga, ayah mah percaya kamu ga akan jadi orang brengsek. Hhaha. Ibu kamu sholehah gitu loh, ayah yah walaupun ga sholeh-sholeh banget tapi tetep lah ga aneh-aneh.

Udah dulu ya, ngantuk juga lama-lama ni 😀


Ps. Ini foto lucu bgt btw. Hahah